Nylon classic guitars

My nylon classic guitars can be ordered in 3 basic shapes: the long proportion "LP", the classic proportion "classic" and the jazzy "ghia" (which has a built in pickup).  I offer a number of different tonewood combinations and design themes which can be applied to any of the 3 shapes and because each instrument is individually made for each client, I am able to mix and match the shapes and themes and to customise in some cases.

Soundboard technology.  "Kuun optimised lattice soundboard" is my standard, that is, where I reduce the weight of the soundboard between the spruce bracing spars.  A high stiffness to weight ratio is the holy grail.  I am happy to use standard "Hauser type" bracing if a client prefers though.

The photographs show only basic specifications, any other specs can be addressed to me at murray@murraykuun.com

Here are some examples of how various themes can be applied to the 3 basic shapes.